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The ministry of Mentoring has been introduced to our Congregations some years ago. We are about to venture into a new upgraded version of the original ideas of Mentoring.

In brief mentoring is one person reaching out to another person in love.

Nominate a person or persons on our Church list to mentor.

(Each one reach one)

The Role of a Mentor is simply Prayer and Care
  1. Pray daily for the person.
  2. Be an encourager to the person.
  3. Discover the various needs of the person.
  4. Be a friend to the person.
  5. Connect the person, where possible, to the Mission and Ministry of the church, eg. Bible Study, Ladies Group, Men’s Group, Youth etc.
Fellow Mentors are encouraged to come together from time to time to share, have fellowship, pray together.

One person heads the program other than the pastor, keeping a record of who is mentoring and who is being mentored.

This work can be done openly or privately (confidentially). Nobody else needs to know.

For training purposes, the Head of the Mentoring, sends out emails with prayer ideas (reading suggestions on books relating to prayer) or mentoring ideas from various books read.

If you are interested in this Mentor program, please contact Garry.

Yes, reach out to someone with love, for Jesus sake.

God bless your mentoring.