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Get Ready

This website has some content that is restricted to registered users such as the Church Directory, rosters, calendars, a photo gallery and access to resources.

To access the restricted content you will need a Google account that is registered with the website. Follow these 3 simple steps to register.

Step 1 Get a google account

Well if you use gmail you already have a google account so you can go to step 2.

If you are unsure if you have a google account then just go to google. If there is a Sign In button in the top right hand corner, try to login to google using your email address. If that worked then go to step 2.

If there is no Sign In button but an email address you are signed in automatically, so you can go to step 2.

No google account? Well to setup a google account using your existing email address click this link. However if you really want gmail & a google account then click here

Once you have a google account go to step 2.

Step 2 Register your google account

Now we need you to send your google account (the email address not the password) via email. But it needs to be sent from the email address that appears in the Church Directory. For most people this will be the same.

But some people just need to be careful to send the email from the account in the Church Directory so we can identify you.

Send to register@redlandslutheran.org.au when you receive a reply please come back here and go to step 3. (It could take a day or two to receive a reply as we all have day jobs)

Step 3 Login using your google account

Can you see the Church Directory page? If you can open the that page you are done.

If you can't see the Church Directory page please sign-in using the link at the bottom left (in the dark green area at the bottom)..

If you are still having trouble please send an email to register@redlandslutheran.org.au