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For the younger generation

Communion Classes

Children of age 7 and above are prepared for holy communion in the church. Communion and baptism are the two sacraments through which God feeds and nourishes us, forgives our sins, and reminds us of his love for us. Courses are held when required.

Head to Heart classes

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'Head to heart' is the new name for the old form of confirmation. It is for pre-teens and younger teenagers, and uses material designed by Faith Inkubators. It is designed to bring families together by sharing daily events and praying about them and being blessed. At the end of the course, young people will be encouraged to make a personal faith statement in front of the congregation, and take a greater role in the work of the church.

Units in this course include 'Martin Luther and the Small Catechism', 'The Life of Jesus', 'Hot Topics', 'Lutheran Life', and the Old and New Testaments.

For more information about any of these activities and classes please contact Pastor.

Faith Inkubators