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Baptisms, Marriages and Funerals.

These are the major events in life and death, where God is active in applying his mighty and loving grace to the lives of his people. For more information on arranging a Baptism, Marriage or Funeral please see FAQ.


Lutherans believe in infant and adult baptism. Anyone who has questions about their relationship to God, who feels a bond with their creator, but who missed out n being baptised as a child, is welcome to come and speak to Pastor about being baptised. Baptism is not a ritual action, nor is it God making us jump through a hoop: it is the time and place where he has said he will send his Holy Spirit to bring us into his kingdom and offer his people all the blessings he has for us. Baptisms are usually conducted within the Sunday Church services, but under exceptional circumstances can be conducted elsewhere.


Lutherans conduct marriages under the Australian marriage act. St. James, Faith Celebration (the Performing Arts building at Faith Senior College), and Faith Redland Bay are all available for marriage ceremonies. The church prefers marriage to occur within a church building but is more than happy to perform ceremonies in other special places where God will give his blessing to the relationship.


Funerals are conducted in connection with the appropriate funeral directors. You do not need to be a Lutheran to have your loved one's funeral conducted here, but if the deceased was a member of a specific denomination, you are encouraged to have that funeral conducted in a church of that denomination. It is rare for a funeral to occur at Faith Celebration, but St. James and Faith Redland Bay are respectful and solemn places to reflect on the life of the departed one.

Hospital Chaplaincy

Hospital visiting is conducted weekly at the Redlands public and Mater Redlands hospitals. Holy Communion is offered to those who are there for an extended time. In addition, many Redlands folk find themselves in Greenslopes, Mater Woolloongabba, and other city hospitals. Members have often been visited there, and others will be visited on request. Becoming a regular hospital visitor is a good way to serve on a volunteer basis.


Aside from Pastor Ed, there are a number of trained lay counsellors in the parish. Counselling through the church is free, and based strongly on Scripture and the liberating ministry of Jesus Christ. If you need help in dealing with the complexities of life, or simply need a listening ear, or an answer to any spiritual questions, be encouraged to contact the parish office.